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Marriage Coach Certification

Are you ready for a rewarding change in career as a Marriage Coach?


Do you wish you had a Self-paced, Online Program?

Have you wondered what is, and how to do

Relationship and Marriage Coaching?

Was it hard to find a Christian-based, effective program?


Well, This Course is For You!

This online course gives you everything you need to know as a

Marriage and Relationship Coach. You will learn:

  • How coaching works.

  • How to conduct coaching sessions.

  • How to identify and solve relationship problems.

  • Concrete & Professional tools to use with your clients.

  • 24 Areas of Relationship Work.

  • Christian-based approach to marriage and relationships.

marriage coachimage.jpg

This course was designed by marriage counselors, Terrell Pugh, Ph.D(c)., and Taneisha Pugh, M.S. They created it with both research-based materials and biblical-sound principles. 

They share with you an extensive amount of information all in one certification course.

Few courses can compete with the level of insight provided by this course.

The information and principles taught in this course are the very same successful and proven tools that make them highly effective. Now they are being made available to you!



If you desire to work with couples,

then this course is for you!

Benefits of Certification



  • Learn the psychology of listening & talking as a motivator.

  • Understand the human psyche of motivation. 

  • Learn how to structure coaching sessions for effective outcomes.


  • Go through the various theories of love and relationship.

  • Learn about the many domains of relationship challenge & experience.

  • Learn the development tasks that successful couples must go through and complete.


  • Review and use established session plans, complete with homework questions and explorative exercises.

  • Christian-based content grounds content in Christian principles.

  • Research driven content supports the reality of what couples feel and experience to reflect everyday life.

Benefits of certification

Access to Professional Database &  Community

You will have access to hundreds of counseling, psychology, and theology resources and videos. All In One Place! Also, access to support you!

Also gain access to our New Support Community.


Affiliation with ALCC gives you recognition, accountability, and communicates to the public that you are part of a larger organization.

Certification grants you recognition and credibility, while also increasing your knowledge and skills.


With certification you will have access to ongoing counseling training.

We schedule ongoing web-based training throughout the year that you will have access to. This allows you to become a better at what you do.

marriage coach.png

This course provides real-world instructions for coaches, interventions for dealing with clients, more direction on how to handle and organize sessions, and coach-specific training advice when working with clients.


Once you enroll, become part of our New Facebook Community Page. A place where you can receive ongoing support for your business! 


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