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Christian Counseling!



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September 16 & 23 8am to 3pm

Christian Counselor Certification

We provide Christian Counseling Certification and training for Christians who desire to enter the ministry and practice of Christian counseling.


Most Christians in ministry are already counseling in one form or another. Certification provides a sound foundation in Biblical doctrine and theology necessary to inform, guide, and ground Christian counselors in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Our training will also equip counselors with the knowledge of psychological and counseling theory applicable to various counseling settings and individual, couple, and family needs.

As a certified Christian counselor, you can have a rewarding career and ministry providing counseling services to individuals, families, and couples looking for spiritual solutions. Those who have Christ as their faith or who identify spiritually are looking for spiritually-based professionals.


Introduction to Counseling & Psychology

  • Ethics & Legal Issues

  • Christian Counseling & Psychology

  • Counseling Techniques

  • Counseling and Psychology Theories

Human Development

  • Human Development Factors

  • Trauma, Crisis and Grief

  • Multicultural Counseling

Couples, Family, & Individual Counseling

  • Marriage & Couples Counseling

  • Family Counseling

  • Individual Counseling

DSM-5 Mental Health Disorders

Ready-Made Treatment Plans

  • Treatment plans that are ALREADY created for.

AdDitional courses

Christian Counselor Certification

Ground yourself in the foundations of God's Word. Become familiar with the essentials of theology and how to practically relate it to your couples.

Christian Counselor Certification

Teach your couples what feelings are and their difference from thoughts and emotions. Help improve their emotional communication with this included course.

Christian Counselor Certification

Help your clients explore what it means to be emotionally responsive and demonstrate emotional intelligence. Learn what emotional reactivity is, its impact on the responsive process, and
how to create emotionally safe places.

Additional Resource

Mental Health Assessments
Discernment of Spirit Assessments

Online platform, devoted to curating and offering concise assessments in the areas of both Mental Health and Christian Spirituality. Use these tests to identify a behavior or spirit based on specific criteria.


How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have 90 days of access to complete this course. If you need more time to complete the course, you can enroll in a monthly subscription to maintain ongoing accesses to this course for $19.99.

What if I want continued access to all the course content? 

We offer a monthly subscription to the course for $19.99 a month. The monthly access is not for certification but allows you access to the course for the amount of time you would like. 

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! To receive a 100% refund, you must drop the course within one business day (24 hour cancellation) after you enroll in the course.

When will I receive my certificate?

Once you complete the certification course with a 100% completion your certificate will automatically generate. If you would like an embossed copy of your certificate you can request a copy by emailing us at There is a $10 fee for embossed certificate copies.

Need Additional Support?

If you ever need additional support to discuss any of the course material contact us to schedule one-on-one time.

Christian Counselor Certification

60 Second Enrollment  Instant Access! 


1 Payment $500


2 Payments $250

Monthly Access
(Non Certification)


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