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About ALCC

Equipping the Body of Christ

Arise and Live Christian Counseling (ALCC) is a private Christian Counseling and Certification organization, we are not associated with any government licensing body. We provide Christians with training and certification in the area of Christian counseling, so they can better serve their congregations and their communities.

We are Christ-centered counselors who believe God, creator of the human body, has gifted some with the gift of counsel and healing through the power of the Holy Spirit. We exist to provide mental, social and spiritual health services to individuals, couples, families and those in our community. We believe that counseling is not simply good listening, rather it is a ministry consisting of in-depth insight and the willingness to listen intently, while the Holy Spirit provides the solution.

ALCC also offers Christian-based counseling services for families, couples, and individuals. If you need counseling services, you can visit our counseling site here.

Many Christians are already counseling but without training or support. Our organization fills this gap. We offer training and support. We work with your church/ministry to support counseling efforts.


Terrell Pugh, LPC, NCC, MS, Pastor is currently the pastor and counseling director for the Arise and Live Christian Counseling. He is a current affiliate pastor with the House of David Ministries, in Orlando, FL and previously served as pastor of Nehemiah Teaching Ministries. As an ordained pastor since 2006, he has taught in the areas of Christian Studies (systematic theology), Spiritual Enrichment, and Ministry Training. He has also authored the book God’s Design for Marriage, The Greatest Marriage Ever, and Know Thyself: Therapy Journal.


Terrell also holds a Master's degree in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling and is currently completing a Doctorate in  Developmental Psychology.


As a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) from the National Board of Certified Counselors and State Licensed Professional Counselor Terrell holds a master’s degree in counseling, and is currently a Doctoral Candidate as a Developmental Psychologist. 


Taneisha Pugh, Counselor and Minister of the Gospel, has a God-given passion for helping families and marriages tackle the difficulties of the twenty-first century.  Serving alongside her husband in ministry, she brings over a decade of ministry experience and several areas of expertise to ALCC. She has also co-authored the book God’s Design for Marriage.


Taneisha also holds a Master's degree in Psychology and is currently working on her Doctorate in Forensic Psychology.

Statement of our faith

We believe the Bible, the 66 canonical books, to be the inspired and only infallible Word of God.
We believe that there is One God (Monotheism), eternally existent in three persons: God the Father, God
the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
We believe God created Adam (male) and Eve (female) in his own image. By disobedience, they fell from their sinless state. This fall plunged humanity into a state of sin and death, and this is brought upon all humanity. From this condition we can be saved only by the grace of God, through faith, on the basis of the work of Christ, and by the agency of the Holy Spirit.
We believe in the virgin birth of Jesus. This event happened one time and was a supernatural miracle by which Jesus became flesh.
We believe Jesus, the second person to the Trinity, is God who became flesh to complete the atoning work on the cross at Calvary.
We believe that repentance of sin and faith in the atoning work of Jesus on the cross is the only way to salvation. There is no other way to be saved from sin and the penalty of sin. This is salvation by grace alone.
We believe in the physical-bodily resurrection of Jesus, and his physical return for his church (The Body of Christ)
We believe in baptism by water and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit aids in the regeneration, sanctification, and glorification of the believer.
We believe in a heaven where those who have been redeemed by Jesus will take eternal residence; likewise, we believe in a hell where those who have rejected Jesus will take eternal residence.

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