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High Fives

Affiliate Program

We Want To Grow A World-Wide Network of Christian Counselors

We are working on restoring Christ back into

Mental Wellness. Join Us!

What is the Affiliate Program?

We are building a network of Christian counselors and as we grow, we need Christian counselors like YOU. Every day we receive inquires from Christians looking for counseling and our desire is to fulfill every request.

When you become an affiliate, you become an connected to our network.


  • Monthly Access to Course

  • Access to Ongoing Training

  • Inclusion On Our Website

  • Pipeline of Clients

  • Control Your Time

  • Have Your Own Business 

Business Conference

God is restoring all areas of the marketplace, including the marketplace of mental health and wellness.

We have hundreds of people visiting our website looking for counseling services and we need more counselors to match with these seekers. 

We currently have counselors that work directly with us on-s
ite and affiliate counselors that we send referrals. With the affiliate program, we will list your profile on our website of affiliate counselors.

In most cases, potential clients will have the option of selecting the counselor they would like to work with. As an affiliate counselor you have full control over how you provide your counseling services, we simply provide you with the clients. 

In most cases affiliate counselors receive a few leads per month, which covers the cost of their membership. Affiliate counselors receive the overflow of our clients and clients who directly select them online. 

Affiliate counselors are in full control of their service prices. The only requirement from us is that you pass the interview process and that you maintain the Standards of Christian Counseling.

Become an Affiliate Christian Counselor TODAY!

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

$49.99 / Monthly Subscription
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